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The history of Ashe Corven

Ashe was born to a higher middle class family in Lausanne Switzerland, His mother a French hairdresser for the higher class, and his father a business man from Spain. Ashe was the second youngest child of this relationship, he was put into a private catholic school for his education. He was even an alter boy through most of his youth. Being from a multilingual family he took an interest in languages, mostly to fully understand his parents. Sometime in middle school he started learning magic tricks to pass time, he mostly used his hobby to impress girls, as any teenage boy would do.

Some point after he turned 16, he got tired of everything he knew and just left. Packing his bags one night and slipping away. He hitchhiked as far as he could go, earning a little money through odd jobs before he managed to get himself to America. He had reached LA by the time he was nearing 18. The City of Angels was not at all what he had expected when he hit the road to come to the hell hole, but he saw no point in turning back. He would not beg his parents forgiveness.

He quickly fell in with a bad crowd, racers and junkies. He learned his way around cars. How to build, repair and race them. He was never without a car or bike of some kind. He was in love with the rush the speed gave him. Then he learned of another love; lust. He met Michelle at a race and she was quickly at his side in the cars when he would speed through the broken down city. Ashe feel hard and fast, he bugged her to marry him until she finally said yes. However, Michelle didn't take well to being a wife. Namely when Ashe stopped racing to open his auto shop, deciding that he needed a job to support them.

Once it was work his passion went, it was boring as a job. Michelle was bored with her marriage by the time she got pregnant. After she kept getting high while carrying their child Ashe locked her in their apartment trying to keep her from harming the child, even sitting in jail a couple times after she would call the cops on him. The day Danny was born, was the last time Ashe saw Michelle. She slipped out of the hospital and six months later the police informed Ashe that she had been found naked and robbed in a hotel room, dead from an overdose.

Ashe had little choice, he had no time to mourn her, he had his son to worry about. As much as he would have loved to have had a family with her, it was not what she wanted. She had made her choice and he made his. Of course her death nearly killed what faith he had left. Still, he wanted what was best for Danny, and being mostly broke Ashe worked and kept his son as close as possible. Pretty much raising him in the garage while he worked. At first he couldn't afford child care, eventually he just preferred to keep Danny with him.

When the time came, he put Danny in catholic school like he had been, taking him to church every weekend, even with his own faith busted, he wanted better for his son. He would take Danny for trips to the beach whenever he could just so Danny could see better places in the world. He was proud of his son, the child was the light of his life. Then when Danny was nearly eight their world ended.

Late one night while Ashe was working on a Chevy, he and Danny talking while Danny painted, the boy was artistic after all. A gunshot rang out and before Ashe could get from under the car Danny had bolted to see what the noise was, opening the back door to the garage. By the time Ashe got to his side it was too late the gang that was executing someone near the garage saw them. Father and son taken to a peer and shot Danny first, then Ashe.

Only, Ashe didn't stay dead. Like Eric Draven eight years before him. Ashe Corven was tapped by the spirits. His pain so great it would not let him pass over. He was sent back by the spirit of the Crow to set the wrongs right. So he could rest. Ashe met Sarah, a woman who knew the last spirit brought back by the crow, who explained his duty after proving to him that he was dead, by stabbing a kitchen knife through his chest. She painted the Irony Mask on him with Danny's paints and sent him out to destroy Judah Earl's gang. The gang he had witnessed. The man who supplied the drug that killed his wife. Judah Earl ran the city, and had ordered his and Danny's death days before.

Over the next couple nights Ashe murdered Judah's lead people, Spider Monkey, Nemo, Curve and Kali. During these two nights, Ashe fell for Sarah, starting to think about letting himself become damned to stay on earth with her even if he did want to return to his son. She made him feel like no one before had, even Michelle. They had a great deal in common. He visited her off and on during his vengeance and it was the last time he went to her loft that he killed Kali, who was waiting for him. She had been the one to shot Danny, so he was extra hard on her. He found out before Kali died that Sarah had been taken by Judah. Who was after the Crow to take Ashe's power for himself, of course Ashe had no idea so he went to finish his vengeance and save Sarah at the same time.

After he had killed Nemo the night before he had wandered into a Latino church, being Halloween, the Padre of the church had explained to Ashe that the next day; Día de Muertos, that people would wear masks to scare away spirits that lingered to long. That sometimes the dead confuse themselves with the living and must be frightened off. So, when Ashe arrives at the Día de Muerto festival he was dazed and confused by everyone in masks as the Padre had warned but he fought his way through the terror of the crowd. Knowing that if he didn’t Sarah would surely die Judah Earl was not known for a kind heart. While he worked his way to the building and slowly climbed up it, his link between the words, the crow was captured by Judah when he flew in and landed by Sarah. Judah captured and killed the bird, each time Judah stabbed the Crow, Ashe felt it, screaming in pain as he held onto the gargoyles on the building he had been scaling. That is, until the death stroke. When the Crow died, Ashe feel many stories down, landing in a stand of Mexican marigolds. Which is all that saved his life, with the Crow dead he was just a man.

It was while lying in the bed of marigolds that Danny came to him, telling him it was time to go. That he had to leave now or forever be cursed to walk the world. Ashe told his son he couldn't leave Sarah in danger because of him. His son seemed to understand, telling him he loved him and walked off. Ashe knew he had made a mistake but he couldn't do anything about it now.

Judah, having drank the blood of the crow made his way down, deciding to take Ashe out himself. Judah managed to get a noose around Ashe's neck and hung him whipping him with a leather whip while he was choking, it was in that moment Ashe learned just how badly he had messed up, he could feel pain but he couldn't die, he could be tortured for days and never ever die. His pain was stopped by Sarah, who had been let free and ran down to save Ashe, by stabbing Judah. Which was a terrible idea, as Judah stabbed her and killed her right before Ashe's eyes. He cradled her dying body begging her to live, as he had stayed for her. Telling her he loved her as she died in his arms.

Judah laughing at their pain, Ashe stood and ran him into an exposed beam. This didn't stop Judah at all, he even made fun of Ashe saying 'You have no power anymore, all that is left for you is pain" In that moment Ashe knew how to defeat Judah, summoning a murder of Crows he explained that pain was his power and he sent the crows at Judah, which stripped Judah to the bone taking his soul to Hell.

With Judah dead and Sarah dead as well, Ashe had nothing else he could do he took her body to the church he had visited earlier, the Padre asking him why he was still there, Ashe tells him has nowhere else to go and that one more shadow won't make the city any darker.

(Ashe and Danny have little history prior to their deaths in City of Angels, most of it is told by Ashe in little bits of the novel. So all of Ashe's early short of being an alter boy, is headcanon, up until meeting his wife (who is nameless in canon, thus her name is headcanon as well) and likely wont be touched on much anyway.)