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I am not Vincent Perez or Ashe Corven. Mr. Vincent Perez belongs to himself and Ashe Corven belongs to James O'Barr, Tim Pope and Bad Bird Productions, I get no money for this. It's all in the name of fun. The character and player are both over 20. Also the muse can be horribly violent at times, he does not take kindly to drug dealers ot those hurting innocent people. If you play someone like this who flaunts it. Please approch with caution.

Questions? comments or concerns? Leave a message. The comments are screened, and should be anon enabled.
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"Pain is my power"

Your characters name:
Have they had a bad life, or painful memories?:
If they have have a lot of pain they hold in, would they be willing to let Ashe tap their pain for healing purposes?:
Are you okay with someone elses pain being used as a weapon against you? It is like an energy transfer no two people are the same. I have an example linked below.
Bonus: Opt Out Would you like to opt out of dealing with the themes of this character? Just let me know!

* Canon example of the empathetic pain transfer.
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↠ Name: Koko
↠ Age: 29
↠ Characters Played: N/A

↠ Name: Michael Ashley "Ashe" Corven
↠ Canon: The Crow: City of Angels (Novel)
↠ Journal: Santa-Muerte
↠ Canon Point: Post Canon
↠ Reserve:
↠ Age: 27 (Will never age past this.)

↠ Appearance: Ashe is a man of average height. He stands just under six feet at five feet eleven and a half inches. He is lithe of build with wiry muscle. He doesn't look like much at first, but he packs a lot of power in his frame. He has olive colored sun kissed skin, despite the fact that the city he comes from is always smoggy or cloudy. This is his natural complexion, which is complimented by his shaggy layered brown hair and popping green eyes. When he dons the paints to his face, it looks almost natural despite how pale it makes him. He looks like he was born to wear the irony mask on his face even when he smiles.

He is a handsome man, but he tries to play it down by dressing mostly in dusty jeans and beat up shirts. He does have a love for long trench coats and leather pants though, usually tailored to his size. Despite being broke, he breaks for good leather. He will be arriving in this; the long leather duster made to look like a priest’s robes , skin tight leather pants with motorcycle boots and a zip up belly length vest.

His trade in life has also left him with marks. His finger nails are forever lined in black from too many years playing with motor oil and grease. His hands are calloused and rough. He has scars on him from accidents in his shop, little burns and cuts, but the scars most noticeable are hidden under his shirts. There are perfectly round indents over the left side of his chest as if someone aimed for his heart and shot at the wrong side. Yes, these are bullet scars. They are on the front and back of his chest where they passed clean through. These are the last scars his body took and will ever take. These are the marks of his first death.

Ashe carries himself in a rather animated way. He loves to be playful and it shows in the way he stands and moves. He walks in long, flowing strides, almost too graceful to be human. Usually his stride will come to a stop with his legs together and his hands crossed over his chest. However, if he is on a path of vengeance, or someone has pushed his temper, he will stop with his legs parted, arms at his side as if to make himself look bigger and more frightening. Ashe gives off two images more often than not: the playful man, and the dark spirit of death.

He has a horrible habit of spacing out if he hears certain things that trigger him, like a child crying or certain lines spoken. His pupils usually blow wide and his head cants to the side like a real bird might, before his smile will twist into something cruel or wicked. It is in these moments he shows how truly unhinged he can be. These moments show just how animated his face can be, his green eyes being the window to his soul, his moods always projected, calm or manic it doesn't matter his eyes will tell you. His mouth seems just a touch too big for his face. Sometimes his smiles make him look playful and sweet. Other times he can smile and look like he's about to do something horrible and enjoy it. He takes delight in wearing his masks and messing with people in this way. Like Forest Gump said; you never know what your gonna get.

↠ Reference/History: Ashe Corven at the Crow Wiki

And one of my own writing as his Wiki doesn't tell you jack, some of it is head canon as there is not a lot to work with.

↠ Personality: Ashe is a complicated creature. There is the man he shows, the man he is, and then the man he became. He is a deeply stubborn man and prideful. If he is told he can't do something but he think's he can, he will do his best to do it and deal with the consequences later. Such as raising his child on his own in The City of Angels even knowing how dangerous it was, he refused to ask for help from anyone. He has a strong will to do what he wants and what he thinks is right, even if it means sacrificing for that outcome. He and Danny didn't have much of anything, but he was fine with that as long as he could afford to keep Danny in school and keep them fed and clothed. Where most might have given up, Ashe didn't. He refused to let his son see any negativity from him even when he knew realistically that they were bad off. He wanted better for his son and he was willing to do whatever it took to keep on the right path for that. After all, he knew ways to get more money, he had been a street racer before his sons birth, but that crowd was dangerous and those ways risked leaving his son an orphan alone in the City.

So, instead of taking an easy way out, he choose to spend his life working hard as a mechanic. Even if the work was never really done he could be proud of what he did and hope for a better future. These things are what kept him on the right path and gave hope for himself and his son.

He is also a very playful person. He will do magic tricks and tell jokes if the mood gets too serious. Tricks like pulling coins from behind peoples ears, or quoting something ironic for the moment, are a few he enjoys, or like the time he quoted the counting crows rhyme in the Peep-o-rama when he went to kill Nemo. Getting shot didn't stop his rhyme. It just made it more fun for him to keep going, and it scared the man shitless which amused him. Ashe does have a twisted sense of humor like propping bodies up with blow up dolls to chasing a man through a drug lab knowing the man was high to mess the man before killing him. His tricks aren't just for cruelty's sake, sometimes they are for the greater good, such as Ashe blowing out his own brains to scare a kid who tried to mug him, under the promise that if the kid won Russian Roulette he would go to rehab. He can also be incredibly sweet while doing these things, such as doing a little magic trick for a young junkie named Grace, before telling her there is still hope and other ways to live.

His stubbornness also bleeds into his love life. He knew he wanted to marry Danny's mother (who has no canon name; thus named Michelle for rps sake) but it was a love gone cold with his wife. Their relationship went from loving to pretty much hating each other by the time their son was born. His marriage taught him that love isn't everything. It cemented his goals to keep his son safe, even from his own wife. He sat in jail a couple times because he was trying to force her to stay clean and she kept calling the cops on him. When she died, it killed what religion was left in him, giving birth to the cynical man who can laugh as he killed his killers.

Growing up in a higher middle class overly religious family gave Ashe a strong sense of morals while at the same time made him horribly realistic once he became jaded in his teens. He could not see the world black and white as his parents, so, eventually, he hit the road. When he arrived in the city of Angels he wasn't greeted by fame and fortune, instead he had to find a means to survive. This cemented that realistic view but it also made him a bit of a jackass. He will cling to petty details most would ignore, such as quoting what his killers said to him and his son before their deaths, and then killing each of them.

In death, there have been changes. Ashe pays more attention to the world around him. All the things that go bump in the night. And sometimes he has a harder time controlling his temper. He can be fine one second then beating his own head into a wall the next to make the memories playing back stop. Or if his empathy is triggered sometimes lashing out or trying to comfort those whose memories and pain he has touched. While he suffers their memories. All in all Ashe is a complex man who has been broken and taped back together, a shattered reflection of a once complete man.

↠ Powers / Abilities:
Invulnerability: Ashe feels no pain and heals wounds in seconds, so long as they are caused in his search for vengeance. Injuries taken when he diverts from this path do not automatically heal.*
Sensory Synchronization: Can see though the eyes of his guide, the Crow.
Tactile-Empathy: Psychometric abilities allow him to feel pain and other sensations from past experience by the slightest touch of an object.
Superhuman Strength: Stronger than he was when he was alive, capable to overcome any physical opponent.
Superhuman Speed: Appears to be faster and more agile than normal humans, and knows some variety of martial arts.
Cursed: Unable to die. He can not cross over to heaven or hell if somehow he does dies. He will simply heal and wake up sometime after he was killed wherever his body is.
Pain Transference: Though Ashe has lost his connection to the spirit world and been cursed, he is not fully cut off. He is still a spirit of vengeance which makes his powers work a little different. He needs pain to make his power work beyond being unable to die. His empathy allows him to feel the pain of others and as long as he can touch someone in pain he can heal any wounds of his own taken from helping the one in pain. His own pain counts as well, but not as strong.
Auto mechanic: In life he was a grease monkey, in death he is the same. He is very good at fixing things.
Magic: Not a major ability, he can use slight of hand and other small magic tricks.

Note on self inflicted wounds, made outside of vengeance. They heal like natural wounds and will scar.

↠ Languages: French, Spanish, German and English. Church Latin as well, just prayers and such. English was his last language so some of his words sound strange when he speaks it, but he is fluent.

↠ Reason for Playing This Character: Ashe is a character I have played off and on for almost a decade, he is one of the characters that I can play in any situation. He is a playful smartass, who delights in messing with wicked people and being kind to those who need it. I want to play him in City of Sin for a multitude of reasons, one being the last game I put him in died right after I joined, I really want to play him in a game setting and not just PSLS.

Everything I am told about this game from friends and watching plurk tells me this is the game I WANT to be in. I want to see Ashe meshed with these characters in the game. Interact with the NPCS and explore this fantastic world that is built. I want to see how Ashe will grow in the City, how being truly trapped in a place will change him and how he will react to everything laid out before him.

↠ What is Your Character's Sin?: Wrath is the sin of Ashe Corven. He is a man who has an inferno brewing inside of him, despite the fact that he can and does try to be a kind man, he is easily set off. His temper will rise with the slightest thing and he will rage against whatever it is that set him off. It was his desire for vengeance that brought him back from the dead, his need to kill Judah Earl that trapped him on earth cursed. And anger at his situation that keeps him going. Ashe's temper is easily tripped, but things like bumping into him and not apologizing wont get someone decked, just a nasty glare. But, trying to get in his way, or hurting someone innocent and he will unleash his rage on the target that set him off. Be it verbal or physical, Ashe does not care, when he wants to hurt someone, he *will*.

↠ First Person: The video opens to an attractive man with faint half rubbed off white paint on his face, and black lines under his eyes and at corner of his lips, the irony mask. He was folding a little black piece of paper.

"A strange city this place is." A short chuckle escapes his lips as he keeps folding the paper. "I thought the City of Angel's was strange but this, this is a new one for me. At least it's cleaner.

Anyway, I am guessing by the package and the apartment that this is something that happens often? Just appearing in a new city in a rather nice apartment. It is new to me, and I suppose I am new to it to.

I should finally say my name is Ashe, and I would like to know about this place? Is appearing here normal? Is it a punishment or a paradise? I have questions that lack answers."

Finally, Ashe held up what he had been working on, an origami crow. "I have little to repay the answers with, but I would like answers all the same. Thank you. "

↠ Third Person: It was fucking ridiculous being called into the school. He had a lot of work to do, a Chevy to rip apart and beat a dent out of, and two bikes that he had to tune up before the junkies that owned them came back around. But here he was, sitting in the office waiting for his son. A woman was sitting near him looking more annoyed than he was, bitching at someone on a cellular phone. Finally Danny followed in a priest with another little boy, the other boy looked upset, and Danny smiled and waved to his father.

Ashe nodded back to his son smiling as his son came to his side as he and the woman followed the priest into a closed room. "heya Sport." Ashe greeted and rubbed Danny's blonde hair. He was proud of his boy no matter the trouble even if it was an annoyance.

"Mr. Corven, Mrs. Dawn, please have a seat." Ashe sat with Danny at his side, an arm around his son protectively, while the woman ignore her son and took her own seat.

"What happened is this about?" She asked annoyed..

"Daniel here attacked David." The priest said with a note of annoyance.

"Excuse me?" Ashe spoke up, he looked down to his son. Then to the priest. "The same David that has picked on him multiple times?" With the woman at his side clearly not seeming to care about the boy no wonder he was a bully. "I myself have called about this. He's upset my son multiple times." Ashe's temper was spiking, but like a soothing balm, Danny touched his hand. No, he can't let Danny see that.

"Mr. Corven." Now the old man could see where the troublemaker gets it from. "You're son's behavior is unacceptable. When someone hurts you, you love them and turn the other cheek as that's what Jesus wants."

Ashe arched an eyebrow, sure, he knew this well enough.

"Your little psycho better keep his hands off my son." The woman snapped, and Ashe saw red.

"Maybe you should actually teach your child not to pick fun at others. Maybe you should pay attention to your child. I know what mine does, I TOLD him to do it." He snapped back at her as Danny clutched his arm, and Ashe dug his oil blackened nails into the chair. Looking to the priest with the angry scowl. "Turning the other cheek does not mean taking abuse. Not all abuse is physical. I told my son if that child tried to make him cry again to shove him. Some people only understand once you lash out. Danny will not be abused."

"Dad." Danny spoke the one word and Ashe's shoulders relaxed as he sat back.

"Is he suspended?"
"No." The priest answered. "But he will have to stay after school."

Ashe looked down at Danny. "I'm proud of you. Don't let anyone let you think other wise." Ashe spoke, hearing the priest clear his throat. "I will be here to pick him up. He fought so he will take the punishment with grace. Right, Daniel?" Danny looked up nodding. "Be good, okay?" He spoke waiting while a nun took the two boys back to class.

The woman left without another word, Ashe didn't even apologize to her. She wasn't worth his time. After another short talk with the priest he was speeding back to the shop on the Ducati. He hated the idea of Danny in trouble, more so to stop a bully, It made him want to find that woman and slash her tires. Raising a little bully who gets away with it. That would just make things harder on Danny though, in the city of angels bullies held the power. Danny would have better. Danny could be better.

↠ Playing Sample: The last game Ashe was in closed in February.

Ashe on the CoS Test Drive

↠ Additional Samples: Ashe reflecting on the changes in his life in an old PSL.

↠ Notes:


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